Art - I'm Chris Marshall, mixed media / collage and digital artist based in Perth, Western Australia

Chris Painting at Snake Hill  Out Of The Blues  Infrastructure, digital art by Chris Marshall (Limited Edition of 20)  Inside Heathcote Artists Studios, Duncraig Road, Applecross  Chris In Colours

I'm mad about colour, texture and the world around me. I have fun with my art, love to experiment and let my art come from deep within me so every artwork has something of me in it.

I took up art on January 1, 2000 as my New Year's resolution for the new millennium and for me it has been a life-changing experience. I have worked in Information Technology for many years which tends to be rather left-brained so I tend to go for a complete contrast with my art.

Most of the artworks that I exhibit and sell are acrylic or mixed media/collage paintings or, more recently, digital art.  I also enjoy outdoor  watercolour sketching, fast pen sketching (particularly musicians), life drawing and printmaking.

My painting is an exploration of colour and texture - remaining open to the possibilities that create themselves in this process ("abstract expressionism" if it must have a label). I work mainly from imagination, balancing colour and form and creating contrasts and tension within the painting whenever the chance arises. Generally my work is semi-abstract with a recurring theme of respect and concern for the beauty of the environment and life within it.   I generally work on my abstract paintings all four ways and often the finished work could be viewed from any direction.  Many people will see transient figures in my paintings as I like to involve my audience in my work. I prefer to work in acrylics because of their bright colours and flexibility and love mixing my media to create "something" out of "nothing".   Steve does my framing for me (I figure that if he can make a guitar, he can make a frame!). Please checkout the work in our Galleries and feel free to contact me.


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