"Traces of Time", an ongoing art project by Chris Marshall

I keep coming back to the concept of nature as a sculptor. I'm fascinated by the way time, tide, weather etc form an everchanging landscape - the amazing shapes, colours, abstracts of the natural world .I've decided to take on a continuing project called "Traces of Time" when we go travelling around our great state of Western Australia.

My first series of paintings in this project is a set of 12 small canvases started when we were camping at a beautiful spot called Djoodoon near Cape Leveque in the Kimberley region of North West Australia. A set of rock inspired abstracts inspired by the incredible landscape of the area.

I have finished a series of six small canvases and am currently working on the second set of canvases of my Kalbarri series - inspired by the ancient landscape of Tumblagooda Sandstone and the much younger Tamala Limestone which tumbles over the top of it. Also some small canvases from my Le Grand series started while on a recent camping trip to Esperance and inspired by the Precambrian outcrops of granite and gneiss which form the landscape of the South Coast..